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Sydney Skydivers introduces a new way to learn to skydive.

Learn to Skydive in an indoor wind tunnel before jumping out of perfectly good aeroplane.

Sydney Skydivers is the largest learn to skydive full service skydive training centre in the southern hemisphere. We run the standard 9 stage AFF learn to skydive course and international A licence courses starting every week. The first three jumps, stages 1-3,  are with two instructors

Sydney Skydivers working with Ifly indoor wind tunnel at Penrith now offers a great new fast track option for those people wanting to gain better skills faster and complete their AFF course with better skills and  faster progression. Learn to skydive indoors in an indoor wind tunnel with 17-18 indoor skydiving training flights with personal one on one instruction every flight. You then complete your first outdoor skydive from up to 14,000ft with one instructor, there are only a total of six jumps instead of the normal nine.

The cost at the start is slightly higher but you get a lot more than just one skydive including:



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Learn To Skydive

Indoor - Outdoor course

17-18 indoor skydiving flights, a full days ground training and 1 outdoor skydive from up to 14,000ft.


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