Learn To Skydive!

Sydney Skydivers runs learn to skydive courses. Learn to skydive in as little as 1 week.

Give our friendly booking staff a call now on 1300 SKYDIVE (1300 759 348). Chat to one of our friendly skydiving instructors.

Sydney Skydivers is the only skydive school in Sydney and the only fully self contained teaching skydiving centre 55min from downtown Sydney.

Want to fast track your skydiving course ? Sydney Skydivers offers a new modern way to learn to skydive with a special AFF indoor wind tunnel training program including 20min of indoor skydive training and on online theory package that you can complete in your own time.

You will complete the standard AFF ground training and the normal 9 stage AFF program but you will kick start your progression and skills with 20min indoor skydive training with 1 on 1 coaching focused on your AFF training.

We have an unbeatable introductory special offer $289 for 20min indoor skydive training in a wind tunnel (equivalent of 25 outdoor student skydives) all bookings and enquires for indoor skydive training to aff@1300skydive.com.au  this is an optional add on package to the normal 9 stage AFF program.


Stage 1 AFF

Best value and price in Sydney at the closest full service skydiving centre to Sydney.



We offer full international A Licence skydive training courses starting every week, learn to skydive in as little as one week full time or learn part time.

From $2,495

Lear to Skydive INDOORS

We now offer an amazing new learn to skydive course which starts with 17-18 indoor skydiving flights in an indoor wind tunnel


Want to fast track your skydiving skills ?


Try the new way to learn to skydive with Sydney Skydivers. 20min indoor skydiving training in an indoor wind tunnel with our special AFF tunnel training package.  This will allow you to become more confident and comfortable with your flying skills and advance through your 9 stage AFF skydives at a higher skill level and progress faster.

Ask about our new AFF tunnel program today. Courses start every week but places are limited.

$289  AFF tunnel program includes:

You can complete your indoor AFF tunnel program before your AFF ground training and stage 1 skydive or anytime prior to stage 3 or you may just want a refresher in the tunnel to brush up your flying skills before continuing your AFF stages.

The AFF ground training and stage 1 AFF skydive includes:

From $399 Accelerated Freefall Courses (AFF) 

1300SKYDIVE  is the most experienced skydive training school in Australia. We run AFF learn to Skydive courses and indoor skydive wind tunnel training and you will not find a better price to learn to skydive in Australia. So why wait ! Call now on 1300 SKYDIVE (1300 759 348)
Learn to skydive courses are run at our skydiving centre, the closest to Sydney,  and you can qualify for your international skydive licence in as little as a week.

1300SKYDIVE Sydney, Sydney Skydivers,  is the largest learn to skydive school in the southern hemisphere. Once you have completed your 1 days ground training we skydive 7 days a week so you can complete your training.

* progression on all skydive courses is based on student performance and passing each required stage, cost is per jump, 1 jump per stage.

An AFF student completing their indoor tunnel AFF program training before doing their outdoor skydive.


Learn to Skydive indoors

Sydney Skydivers have partnered with ifly indoor wind tunnel at Penrith for a new way to learn to skydive. Sydney Skydivers expert instructors will be with you every step of the way through your 20min indoor skydive training flights at Ifly Penrith and your outdoor skydive ground training at the skydiving centre followed by your stage 1 AFF skydive.

** The indoor wind tunnel AFF training package is an optional add on training package @ $289 to fast track your skills, become a more proficient skydiver and progress faster in the sky through your AFF training. 20min indoor skydive training is equivalent to 25 outdoor student skydives.